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Our Journey

January 2009– Engaged! Start TTC; no luck.
June 2009– 5 months pass. We’re not trying to prevent pregnancy from happening. Visit Dr. G; Dx: PC.OS. Put on BC
July 2009-Still Trying
August 2009– August 29th, 2009. Married my high school sweet heart!
September 2009– No Cycle
October 2009– No Cycle
November 2009-Period. It lasted 3 days, and comes back 4 days later for 2 for a total of 5.
December 2009– No cycle.
January 2010-Jan 3=CD1., Calling Insurance to check on fertility coverage, making appointment with Dr. G to figure out what to do next. Found out we have decent IF coverage.
February 9, 2010– Apt with Dr. G to talk about what we should do next! Begin 500mg of Metformin and wait for period to start Birth Control.
February 13, 2010– Period. Started Birth Control 2-14-2010.
February 16, 2010– Hubs SA was amazing!
March 2010-Still on 1500mg of Metformin
April 6, 2010– Period begins. Start 2000mg of Metformin
May 3, 2010– Period begins. No more birth control- Continue Metformin and use OPK’s.
June 2010- Still no period-negative home tests.
June 24, 2010– Period begins.
July 1, 2010-Begin 500mg of Metformin (again).
July 28, 2010– Yearly appt with Dr. G.- Put on 1000mg of Metformin 2x daily for 3 months- use OPK’s and come back after 3 months if it doesn’t work. Clomid and Provera to induce period. CD-1
August 29, 2010- 1 year anniversary! Love you babe!
September 1, 2010- Cd-1.
September 7, 2010- Started OPK’s.
September 22, 2010- Possible positive OPK and EWCM
October 4, 2010- Negative home tests at 11pdo.
October 7, 2010- CD 1.
October 12, 2010- Bought a new fertility monitor for easier ovulation readings. Fertility monitor says to test on day 6, however it’s negative. It’s getting used to my body as I’ve never used it before.
October 20, 2010- Talked to Dr. G; she said wait until period comes. If no period before 35, provera will be prescribed. Clomid on next cycle no matter what though-induced period or not!
November 3, 2010– Started Provera 1x a day along with 1000mg Metformin 2x daily. Should get period within 2 weeks-then Clomid on CD3!
November 17, 2010- CD43
November 18, 2010- Period begins. CD 1.
November 20, 2010- Begin 50mg of Clomid days 3-7
November 24, 2010- Last day of Clomid. Side effects of Clomid= Hot flashes, emotional mess, and bloating.
Decemember 1, 2010- CD 14-no sign of ovulation.


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