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Yes, I am still here!

Hi all!

It sure has been a while since I’ve blogged. I have been keeping up with everyones blogs though! I just have fallen off the bandwagon with writing, as I got a new job as a nanny and I don’t have much time on the computer!

Well, hubs and I finally went to see Dr. E and we had our first IUI. On April 18th, I had an ultrasound and I had 3 follies on the right at 25+ and 4 on the left at 26+. I was told to inject the ovidril that night between 6-7, and hubs and I were to do the deed that night or Tuesday AM. Then our IUI was scheduled for Wednesday the 20th. I was a nervous wreck. Nothing I could do was prepping me for this day. As much as I wanted to try, I just knew in my heart that it was too good to be true, that it wouldn’t work on the first attempt. My Dr and the techs all said everything looked “amazing” I had a great lining ( i can’t remember the exact words they used).

I went in and hubs did his thing, and we went out to breakfast to pass the hour till my appointment. We got in the room, and the nurse explained what she was going to do, and did her thing. Before she did, she let us know that hubs count was 72million! Thats after 12 hours of abstinence. Oi.

So anyways, 2 weeks later I go in for my beta. It was negative. I decided to stop that month and wait until we figure out how much that cycle cost us for our insurance dollars. Low and behold, it was only 835 out of the 6000 we have toward it! So we’re going to go again when I get my period. I’m nervous, yet excited all over again.

I hope to be on here more often guys!



Let’s get the show on the road!

So, hubs and I have been talking a lot about what we want in an RE, clinic, etc. We have 2 clinics close to our house, within 15 minutes. The 2 that are close are only open 5 days a week and would be on hubs way to work if he needed to stop for something on his way to work. But, because I have PCOS I essentially need 7 days a week for monitoring my outlandish cycles, lol. The clinic that is about a half hour is open 7 days a week for monitoring, and  I was referred to them by a fellow Blogger. I felt a little more connected to them, as she had good prior experience and nothing but good things to say about them. I spent a few days searching their websites, researching the doctors, and success rates along with other patients reviews. In the end, I ended up choosing the clinic about a half hour away. We’re both nervous, but anxiously excited. March 7th can’t come quick enough.
So far, I’m super happy with the.clinic. the new patient coordinator was super nice. She was understanding and explained everything.
So, I’d like to thank Tammy for referring me to them!!

Im still here!

So as I’m typing this I am in the middle of working out on the elliptical at the gym! I recently joined as a way to a) lose this weight that I need o get rid of and to b) keep m mind clear during the week when hubs isn’t home..he took that new job, which results in him being gone a few nights a week. So i go to thé gym about 5 days a week. So far im getting used to it.
On the infertility front, were still trying but we haven’t used any drugs..because hubs isn’t always home. So in a few months I’m going to make an appointment with an RE, and an acupuncturist.
Well that’s all for now. I’ll update later!


So, I got all the info that I need from my insurance company. It’s a new one starting this year, and what do ya suppose is the first covered benefit is that I looked for? Yep…infertility. It’s 100% covered except for a 40$ copay!!! Were beyond excited! Thought I’d update a little 🙂 I’ll be back with
More info later!! “)

Get the kleenex

I watched this on a blog that I found recently…I cried. It’s so true! I’m doing everything that I can to help people become aware of infertility without realizing that I  am infertile. But eventually, I believe that I will be able to be like this woman and openly admit to it to strangers.


Everyone needs a good cry

So last night, hubs and I were lying in bed and we were just talking-the dogs were cuddled up with us, too. It was about 8:30. (I know, call us old, but hubs had to be to work at 4:00.) All of a sudden, I just let out this big sigh; I was so worried about everything that I just needed to let myself know that it will be okay. I was just worried about money, and upset that we still aren’t pregnant. I think I muttered, “I feel like I’m broken” and then the water works started; I couldn’t contain it. Hubs hugged me and tried to console me, but nothing seemed to work. It just got worse, and I settled down, then said “it’s been almost 2 years since we started” and I lost it again. I think I just needed a good cry. I also said “I wish I had someone to talk to about all this, I feel like I have no one” Then, my lovely husband said “you have your blog friends!” HOW COULD I FORGET YOU GUYS!? After a little while, I said,  I just wish I get this job (Read more about that below)
Hubs started a new job, so we’re just a little behind on our income; we’re getting everything paid and things are on time, but it’s hard when you have to stretch out money for weeks. Yikes. Anyways, with this income we’re about to save more/pay off more debt and make life better for a baby! Then over the weekend, I interviewed for a full-time nannying (is that a word?) position for a 10 month old girl, which is about 10 miles from our house. So, that alone would save us SO much in gas. (I drive 60 miles round trip to work a day, right now) After I went to the bathroom to wash my face, and settle down from my whole fiasco; my new boss called! I GOT THE JOB! I will be making more than what I’m making now, and I will be CLOSER! We might be able to get this baby thing on the road sooner than I thought! Seriously, God couldn’t have answered our pleas/prayers anytime sooner!! GOD IS GOOD!
It’s Monday; I have a 3 day week, and then next week is a 3 day week and I start my new job on the 3rd!! I’m so excited!

2 questions, 1 post!

Hubs and I are fans of tattoos. I have a memory tattoo of my dog, Jazmin on my calf. Before our wedding, we were going to get each other’s names tattooed on our ring fingers. We both like the idea of that-with Hubs job, he may not always be able to wear his ring, and he wants it to be known that he is married. I’ve liked the idea forever; however the tattooist talked us out of it. He said that the hands shed so much skin that over time you’ll have to get it re-done a few times a month. Makes sense. Why constantly pay money for something that wears off sooner than planned? We’ve been back and forth on what to get for some time now.

I think he’s getting a memorial tattoo of his grandma who died 3 days after our wedding. She said ‘I made it to their wedding, now I’m done’. He wants her name on a cross on his shoulder. Me, I’ve got so many ideas floating around. I for sure want to get part of a bible verse that was said at our wedding “love is patient, love is kind” or “love never fails” I’m leaning more towards the 2nd one. But I also want to incorporate the ‘infertility’ ribbon. Now, I know what you’re thinking, that once I get that, it’ll always be a part of me. But really, Infertility will always be a part of me, too. I’m getting the tattoo I decide on my back between my shoulder blades. I want it there, because if I do get the ribbon, it will symbolize to me ‘infertility is behind me’, of course that’s once we achieve a pregnancy.
I’m just at a loss; do you guys have any ideas?

Okay here’s the 2nd one:

So, I think most of you know that hubs and I are young. I’m 21 and he’s 23. We have been TTC since February of 2010 (Medically) and since January 2009 (unmediated, which is when we first got engaged, anyways). So, because we’re so young and we’re afraid of being judged and ignored, we haven’t told our families. They don’t even know. It’s so hard to keep these things from them, but it’s what’s best for us, and we decided that if we get pregnant, we will tell them what we had to go thru to achieve this absolute miracle.

However, things have changed…Since our president is changing the healthcare system, even though I am married, I am still able to be put back on my parents healthcare plan. Which is GREAT for us, we don’t have to spend $400 every month/$200 every paycheck to pay for little to nothing for health insurance, that I could write a whole other post on how much I hate. That right there will help so much! We won’t have to pay a dime for me; just $80 for hubs for temporary care while he starts his new job. Anyways, my mom and I were at her house the other day watching my niece, and she said “when are you guys going to have a baby, I want more grandchildren?” This has been going on for about 6 months, every once in a while she’ll ask, and my answer usually is, “I don’t know, hopefully soon”.
Now for my question…
We want to tell them that we’re TTC, but HOW? Do we invite them over for dinner or something? Do I e-mail them? I’m so lost! If we don’t tell them, they’ll end up finding out anyways, after they receive any sort of bill for me from their health care company. Do we still tell them?
Please keep in mind that I’m very open about things with my mom, and dad. So this may or may not be a shock to them. I’m just looking for feedback on how to tell them. I want them to know that we’re serious about this, and it isn’t a joke.
Thanks all!!