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Get the kleenex

I watched this on a blog that I found recently…I cried. It’s so true! I’m doing everything that I can to help people become aware of infertility without realizing that I  am infertile. But eventually, I believe that I will be able to be like this woman and openly admit to it to strangers.



5 Responses

  1. Ugh, this is such a heart wrenching video. It don’t want to be crying in my office (again)!
    It is inspiring too, I am fairly open about IF but certainly don’t tell strangers.

  2. I cry every time I watch this video, it is so powerful!!
    Thanks for sharing it! Happy Holidays and Happy ICLW #50

  3. That video is amazing and – even though I’m an IF grad, I
    appreciate that video so much for the person who I had been. I read
    your last blog, also, on how you feel alone and it’s hard NOT to
    feel alone. Even with a huge supportive internet community, it’s
    still hard to feel heard and understood. I have always been open
    about my experiences, 5 years of struggling, then a miracle, and
    then more infertility… 14 miscarriages, 2 husbands, and I am
    blessed with 4 wonderful babies. Congrats on the Nanny Job!! Happy
    ICLW from #37 and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  4. It always makes me cry too. It took me a long time to get
    to a place where I could consider myself infertile without it just
    feeling like a crushing in my chest. Hoping you have a wonderful
    Christmas and a joyous new year! ICLW #110

  5. i, stopping by for ICLW. What an amazing video. Thank you
    for sharing it. Very moving. That women is an amazing women to
    stand up and talk freely about it. I do the same. I mean that I
    don’t hide the fact that I have IF, nor the fact that my daughter
    is an ivf baby. I have a friend who hides that her kids are ivf
    babies/ she is IF. I don’t get it. I think if I can help one person
    who is going through IF, then I will do anything. Thanks again.
    Good luck to you on your journey. ICLW #69

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